Everything you need to get started on EssenceRO

Quick Start Guide (For those who already have kRO and RE installed)

  • Install the latest EssenceRO Lite Client
  • Install into Ragnarok Online Directory - By default, the installer will extract to C:\Program Files (x86)\Gravity\RO\
  • You're ready to play! - Don't forget to register an account and run your EssenceRO Patcher!

Fresh Install How-To

Installation from scratch

For the latest installation instructions, head over to our Wiki Installation Guide.

To play on EssenceRO, you will need the latest EssenceRO Full Client (Approx Size 1.90 GB). You can download it from the link provided below:

EssenceRO Full Client 2012-08-23 (Direct Download)

EssenceRO Full Client 2012-08-23 (Torrent)

If the download is going very slow, try restarting it. The link automatically changes between several download locations.

If you have any problems, head over to the Technical Support forums, and we'll be happy to help.

EssenceRO Client Install How-To

Installation over existing Ragnarok Online

Already have kRO installed or you are erroring often? You should download the latest EssenceRO Lite Client below (Approx Size 220 MB). Please note that kRO Sakray no longer receives any updates so you should eventually reinstall RO with the EssenceRO Full Client instead (link above).

EssenceRO Lite Client 2012-08-23 (Direct Download)

EssenceRO Lite Client 2012-08-23 (Torrent)

(includes DLLs/Fonts/AI/skins/kRO+RE patchers)

Install into your RO folder (by default, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Gravity\RO\).

Congratulations, you're ready to play - so head over to the account registration page! If you have any problems, head over to the Technical Support forums, and we'll be happy to help.

Optional Downloads

Non-essential extras and bug fixes

We also provide a few extra downloads for your convenience. You shouldn't need these to play the game, but feel free to download if you encounter any problems.

Optional Downloads (Most of these are included with the latest Full and Lite installers)

File - Description Approx Size Download
BGM (2012-06-15) - The original background music and soundtrack for Ragnarok Online - Put in RO Folder. 279 MB Download (Torrent)
Server Status Gadget (Windows Vista/7 Only) - Used to keep track of the server status and user count. 151 KB Download
Default Homunculus AI File - Use if you repeatedly crash while using an Alchemist or Creator - Put in RO Folder. 36 KB Download
Necessary Font Files - Required or client will silently exit - Put in RO Folder. 521 KB Download
Mouse Freedom (dinput.dll) - Extends mouse and keyboard functionality - Put in RO Folder. 9 KB Download

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